Thursday 16 May 2013

Singing in the train

So I'm riding Queensland Rail when something odd starts to happen. I think my Twitter reaction captures it best.

3:21pm - Farting like that on a train ought to be a crime. I'm tempted to stand up and denounce the culprit

4:38pm - The woman behind me is singing "Devil in Disguise" along with Elvis on her headphones. I wonder if she's the mystery farter?

4:40pm - Hang on, now she's onto "Burning Love" and she's really going for it!

4:43pm - You know, both those songs are appropriate for someone farting quietly on public transport.

4:48pm - The singing is getting worse. I have recorded a sample for my blog.

5:00pm - It's like a concert now, with everyone in the car enjoying the gormless croak of her voice.

5:05pm - At least four people in the train are giggling, including me.

5:19pm - There's no longer any pretence that she's just mumbling along under her breath. She's enunciating like a champ. Will Seal turn his chair?

This post took a long time to happen, because I had to figure out a way to get audio onto the blog. In the end I discovered Soundcloud, which creates HTML code for you to paste into your blog, giving you these lovely widgets.

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