Tuesday 5 December 2023



If you're caught trying to rob Geld Island, they torture you to death on TV. But enough money to buy yourself a biodome in paradise is hard to resist.

The eco-crash killed the oceans and dropped oxygen levels, leaving humans and rats as the only surviving vertebrates. But people have adapted to eating crickets and breathing from a can, so life and crime continue.

Tempted from her spider-hole in the desert, ruthless planner Kalinda assembles a team weird enough to risk a run at Geld Island and clever enough to bring home the booty.

Can four thieves, a reptile and a murderous AI drone infiltrate the richest place on the ruined earth and escape with their skins intact?


This is ZeitHeist, the new novel I've been talking about.

It's got elements of climate fiction, cyberpunk and crime. Not to mention the coolest title I've ever come up with! I usually find that difficult, but this time the name came when the book was barely an idea.

Grab a copy now - paperbacks and ebooks are available from Amazon.

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