Saturday 5 February 2022

Whisky Tasting at Mine

I've started a little whisky tasting club with some friends.

It works like this: 

  • Each person buys a 700ml bottle for under $100.
  • It is presented to the group in a brown paper bag with all identifying marks on the neck covered or removed.
  • We taste each one without knowing what it is. As we taste, we discuss it and finally give it a score out of 10. (The score is entirely subjective, it's just about how much you like it.)
  • After each bottle is scored, it is finally revealed! What have we been drinking? Did anyone identify it correctly?
  • The winner gets the kudos of having the best taste in the group that night.

Despite the varying tastes of the group, tonight it was virtually all Scotch! And pretty similar flavour profiles too.

There was nothing bad in the bunch, which made for a very pleasant evening.

Here are the night's bottles and tasting notes, from highest score to lowest.

The Gospel Straight Rye (32/40)

Intense, syrupy, and complex.

A spicy taste, almost Christmas cakey. Is that from sherry casks?

It has an oily mouth-feel. Unlike many of the other whiskies we tasted tonight, it's better without water added to it.

"Quite boozy, it feels strong but pleasantly so."

Jura 10 (31/40)

It's rich with a slight sourness. But it's quite well rounded so that doesn't spoil it.

Good at first sip, even better with water added.

"There's a lot going on with every mouthful."

The Glenlivet Illicit Still (29/40)

This is a well respected but sometimes boring Scotch brand trying to make something a bit more intense.

Floral, balanced, easy on the tongue. Very very drinkable.

"A quality drop but innoffensive."

Highland Park Viking Honour 12 Year Old (28/40)

Smooth and easy with a hint of toffee.

A refined flavour, with no bad notes.

"Makes me reflect fondly on the life choices that led me here."

anCnoc 12 Year Old (28/40)

A very light colour, but the taste is soft, sweet, and oaky.

The back-taste reminds us pleasantly of hibiscus tea.

"Fizzy in the mouth."

This was our second get-together. And for the second time it was revealed that someone had spent over the limit!

In fact the winning bottle was $115, so it was well past the post.

We all enjoyed drinking it, so nobody objected too strongly. But it has been decided that if you win with a bottle that cost you more than $100, you forfeit the bottle at the end of the night and the host gets to keep it.


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