Friday 24 September 2021

The Hopping Ghost


After being imprisoned for decades, the vampire Hepzibah finds herself suddenly free in 1922.

The beast inside her wants to ravage, rob and roam. And dirty dangerous Shanghai is the perfect hunting ground for a killer of men.

But Hepzibah's human half wants to be a person again.

Can she minimise the killing and make a life, or will the gang who once owned her drag their pet monster back to its filthy cage?

The Hopping Ghost delivers murder, martial arts, and swashbuckling adventure with a truly original vampire!

The paperback is now available from Amazon.

And you can get the digital version from lots of places.

I'd appreciate it if you'd leave a review at one of these platforms. It really helps.

You can also review it at Goodreads.

I did hold a book launch in Hobart. You can even see the pretty speech I made, about why I chose this place and time for my vampire's adventures.

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